Backspin and Bounce-Out

This post from 7492’s build blog indicated that cargo with more backspin is more likely to bounce out of the goals. This field tour video doesn’t show much bounce-out, but there’s almost no spin because the balls are being thrown.

Have any other teams noticed backspin increasing bounce-out?


This is a kind-of hard question to answer as I am sure not many teams have a “close-to” official upper hub goal. I am sure we will find out a LOT more once there are more robust and near correct goals out in the wild.

All I can say right now is two things:

  • Ball with spin inherently have more energy.
  • The calculators/sim tools are assuming you are lined up on the center of the goal (and rightly so, as a 3d simulation is a MUCH harder problem to program a solution for quickly)

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