Backstreet's Back, Oh No!

Ohhhh dear, I just heard it on the Today show. The Backstreet Boys are coming out with a new album. They’ll be on the show tomorrow and are promising a big comeback. Please tell me that I’m not the only one wishing this band would stay gone…

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Well I burned my sisters Backstreet boy CD wen they broke up. Take from that what you will.


By burned, I guess you don’t mean with a computer. :wink:

I say let them go for it. If they sound good now (and can shake their image from circa 1997), more power to them.

But let’s just say I’ll stick to my thing until someone passes along the news. :wink:

OH NO! This hurt almost as bad as being told “We can’t be more than friends” by… yeah… no details needed. ::SIGH:: This brought back memories of bad music and life without FIRST. Bad times, bad times… :frowning:

Am I the only one remembering that Backstreet Boys songs are heard quite often at FIRST events both official and off-season? Somebody must like them.

Anyhow, no matter where your opinion may fall, I will still contend that Larger Than Life has the second greatest music video of all time.

::contemplates pulling out The Playlist, but decides against it for fear of angry mobs::

Just ignore them and they’ll go away.
we hope
^awaiting the inevitable death of Britany Spears “music career”.

O no, got to do something drastic

.:runs to kitchen, grabs knife, cuts ears off:.

Heh… they were just on The Today Show… and by the performance I’m going to make a safe assumption that they won’t last long… or I hope they don’t anyways. I have a biased opinion… I Listen To This, This, and This… a wide range of music which does not include the Backstreet Street Boys.

QUESTION: Now that they are older… why do they still call themselves boys? :confused:

noooooooooooooooooooo… no way they cant there type of muick is just about dead

I missed the today show performance (oh what a shame :smiley: ) but EVERYONE I’ve seen perform on the today show is just aweful. BEP, Avril Lavigne, even Kelly Clarkson: when they were on the today show they were not good at all.

Yes. Let me add to that. Someone should raise money to buy a box full of their ‘new’ album when it comes out, or maybe even the entire stock available, toss in a couple of AOL CDs, because they are just as bad (they just keep on coming), and place them on the floor of a garage or something that can take a serious mess. Then, with the best sledge hammer available, smash the entire supply of CDs and make sure not one case or CD goes unbroken. Finally, take the shards, find a fire pit, put the shards in, and burn them. Be sure to fuel the fire with a highly combustable fluid like tiki torch oil, or something of that manner. Keep that fire going at least for 3 hours.

Now THAT’s the way to deal with this problem! :smiley:
P.S. When the next Brittany Spears album comes out, do the same. :wink:

OR! Make sculptures out of them… I did that with AOL cd’s. I collected them from Wal-Mart so no one ever had the urge to take one home. Or cutting them into your team logo works too. I did that with an AOL cd, but beware or cracking it and cutting yourself. It hurts. :wink:

I smell a Karthik/Travis Backstreet Boys medley at the IRI Talent Show…

Who wants to join our FIRST boy band?


Oh! I wish I was going for sure! I would so be in on that! LMAO… It would be funny to see a fat man sing a Backstreet Boy song. Ooh… I’m not even asleep yet and I’m having nightmares! :yikes: Thanks Travis… look what you did to me… (That is your name, right? lol)

I watched the today show also. They do have some talent, but I hate boy bands! Let’s get more rock n’ roll people back in the lime light folks! Or people who atleast have some musical talent…like Dave Matthews! :]

I would do it actually, because I bet I could do it better than the real BSB, but I’m afraid that’d be freakishly strange and then everyone would think I’m wierd (maybe I am :D)

I’ll be the only girl in it just so it won’t be a boy band. :smiley:

But really, I heard the new song, and it doesn’t sound bad. I got kinda’ weird when they decided to come out with a new CD, their music type is pretty much gone. Boyz II Men are out, so are 'NSYNC (I hope they don’t get ideas from this).

Britney Spears’ career will never end until she runs out of scandals to give the tabloids and music magazines. Until then, she practically rules our music world. What a shame.

::gasp!:: All these negative comments about BSB! I looove them and am so happy that they’re coming out with a new CD. Their new CD (or the one song I’ve heard) sounds totally different from their old ones. They’ve matured a lot in their singing and lyrics. They’re still good, despite what you all may say! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ignore them and they’ll go away.

Yea. just don’t make them a big issue and they’ll go away. I hope. I’m just against all boy bands and if they come bak it’ll be a nightmare. People on my team annoy me with thier songs, and it would suk if they came bak. cuz it would give them more songs to annoy me with.


I nominate Big Mike, John V Neun and Paul Copioli to join Karthik and Travis.

… Now it’s time for me to run away or hide :slight_smile:

btw… Tiff just nominated Gary Dillard.

… Runs away again.