Backup Battery Charger

We managed to fry one of our backup battery chargers, does anyone know where we could get a replacement for it?

Team 2228 Cougartech

Normally IFI would be the place for that, but it seems that they’re out of stock. Alternatively, you could buy the connectors from this page, and then use any 7.2V NiCd charger.

A Radio Shack 7.2 volt NiCd charger, with the correct connetors, would be fine. Alternatively, you can use a 7.2 volt R/C battery from Radio Shack instead (and use their charger too). That’s what we do, our battery lasts the whole day and then some.


Aye, we managed to fry one of the ones we made. We’re making a few just so we can have a nice bondfire by the beach with em…