Bacon Summer Programming Lessons

Hi Everyone:

Our programming mentor Skyler is offering programming in Java lessons via the internet over the summer. You can link to our website to join in or try this link;topicseen#new

If it doesnt work I’m sure Skyler (goodsky) will fix it for me.

Let us know what you think


Hello, the link does not work for me, it prompts for an user login.

Also, I am wondering what kind of Java lessons is this. Is it just general Java Programming or something like Java Programming for FRC?


(I already took a Java class to prepare for the AP Computer Science exam)

It doesn’t work. Apparently only Team 1902 members are allowed to register.




It looks like the exploding bacon public forum is under construction, we will get our website team to take a look at it. Sorry about that!

In the mean time, if anyone is interested, I have set up a series of general java programming lessons through video game programming. I am trying to teach programming this way because not all of our programmers have access to a robot in their bedrooms, and all the lessons you learn through programming video games (e.g. critical thinking and debugging) are very applicable to the FRC programming we will be doing in 6 months.

Feel free to check out the website: (forgive me the .tk domain, it’s cheaper)

I recorded a getting started video to introduce the system to the bacon programmers. If you have students that want to start programming in the 2012 season, but don’t know where to start, we would be glad to give them a helping hand!

Welcome and getting started video:
Summer Programming Challenge 2011

Out of curiousity, what do you see as the most misunderstood aspects?

I would say reading API’s and motor systems. When we progremmed last season(in Labview) I had a terrible time to get the students who were in or had taken AP Computer Science(a java based course) to check help manuals to find the range of inputs a motor subvi for example would want. The logic transfered flawlessly over.

This is great! thank you Skyler and Exploding Bacon. Not everyone team is lucky enough to have an easy way to learn code, and this is a perfect way to share the knowledge

Thanks for putting up the correct info Skyler!