Bad 2008 KOP Gyro - Need Replacement


We (Team 1619 - Up-A-Creek Robotics) have a bad 2008 Gyro. Our 2006 Gryo is working, but our 2008 Gyro was intermittent until today, when it stopped working altogether - I’m guessing that we have a bad solder joint on one of the balls.

Does anyone have a 2008 Gyro that they are not using and would be willing to sell to us?

Thank you,

Kevin Taberski
Mentor - Team 1619

Have you tried to fix it?
Getting creative with a hairdryer might fix your poorly soldered ball.

I’m tempted to bake it in the oven actually, but I need to get a better handle on the time/temperature for the solder that was likely used.

It’s unlikely that a hair dryer is hot enough - at least I hope not!