Bad Behaving Boulders

Before the last quarterfinals match at 10K Lakes, one boulder decided it really didn’t want to sit still. This video shows the whole endeavor, watch the fourth boulder from the scoring table. It takes a full 3 minutes and 15 seconds to finally get this boulder to sit still (timestamp 1h29m to 1h32m15s).

What is the worst behaving boulder you have witnessed? What is the record settling time for a boulder?

Now THAT’s funny. It had the mind of a terrible two-year old.

The Masonite under the carpet was slightly warped making the problem worse.

Don’t forget when the FTA’s finally snapped in the finals and TAPED THE BOULDER DOWN!

That is just plan funny.

Before that, the announcer had said that each alliance had called a backup team and then won the match immediately following that (#2 before QF3 and #7 before QF7). We (2855) joked that first Alliance #2 had called a backup, then Alliance #7 had called a backup, then for the tiebreaker, the field reset crew had to call for backup.

I count 8 times where a boulder rolls out of position before this match. :stuck_out_tongue: