Bad Breaker Panel?

We think our beaker panel is bad. Most of the details are in this thread expecially the end. We are getting contenutiy between the battery in and all of the outs, even those without fuses. We are also getting contenutiy bewtween all of the outs themselves. Mostly the resistance is very great (500 k-ohms) but can be as low as 100 ohms if no fuses or no resistance if there is a fuse (but the last is like it should be). Are these results unusuall? If so can they be fixed or should we buy a new panel.

With no breakers installed, none of the positive studs should share contenutiy, resistence should be infinate. 2 studs that both have breakers installed should have contenutiy, with perhaps a couple of ohms between them.

All the negitive studs should have contenutiy.

From what it sounds like, your panel is defective. Get in touch with IFI pronto and see what they have to say about it.

-Andy A.

Thanks. We weren’t sure becuase the new panel had all sorts of sensors and stuff to tell if a breaker is fliped. We were pricing and timing the ordering of a new one and needed to order by 4:00 pm EST to get it tomarrow. We didn’t want to spend $130 on a new panel if we were supose to get a ton of resistance but contenutiy. We are going to get a teacher that knows about this kind of thing to look at it at the end of schools (about 3:30) to verify again. We called someone at IFI and they said something was wrong. We will order a new one, and hopefully it will work. Again, thanks

500K between terminals with breakers pulled is not bad especially if you are touching the probes while testing or if the weather is humid where you are. If you are measuring less than 100 ohms between outputs with the breakers pulled then you have a problem. Do a visual check if you find some that are shorted and you will find the the breaker females are pushed together or in some way are distorted and touching.

Are you mounting the electronics to metal? The mounting screws of the speed controllers come dangerously close to the wire terminal connections.

Are all of the wires disconnected when you are measuring the resistance? If not, you may be measuring a load.

To test the breaker panel, I would remove all breakers, disconnect all of the wires, apply power and measure the ouitputs. You should get no voltage on the outputs until you insert the breakers.

we undid the screws mounting the victors and, even before then, we tested contenuity between all of the victors and any place on the frame: nothing.

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Update 4:00- compared our panel to someone elses and found the same numbers, suspect different problem. Panel must be good. Not getting a new one. Not yet…