Bad Comms with FRC Driver Station After Update

After updating our driver station instance we started running into issues where comms would drop out often and our robot code would disappear every once in a while as well. We heard from a team that we were practicing with that they had similar issues, but I’d like to be sure before we show up to comps with a critical issue like this as I haven’t seen anything else about it on chief delphi. Is this an something others have experienced or is it an issue with our setup that we’ll need to look into more?

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We have a relatively similar issue where our comms disappear for a brief second and come back or the robot just disables itself for no apparent reason, nothing in the logs show anything out of the ordinary either. If someone knows why we’d also love to learn

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We had this same issue today at a practice competition. It would randomly lose comms for like half a second and would come back shortly. Originally we thought we were browning out, but it seems like it’s just the DS update causing it.

Possibly the same issue:


We had this issue and it turned out to be active firewalls on our driver station computer after turning all firewalls off our problem went away

We are having what seems to be the same issue, but it has persisted after turning off the firewalls.

We get the same issue on a bench setup. We don’t have the issue if we switch back to the 2023 version. Would love to find an answer by Thursday.

Thanks for all the replies! I’ll take a look through that thread and we’ll try some stuff out at today’s meeting.

We had a similar thing at our comp. I noticed it was behaving weirdly when I shut the screen (it went into hibernation, which is not default, and is a weird choice that I feel like I would’ve been told about), and when I checked the define power button settings, all 6 of the boxes were blank. I just assumed that was big bad so I changed all of them to settings that made sense and then restarted the computer.
After that, we restarted the driver station before every match and didn’t have an issue. That all to say, I think something silly goes on with some combination of Driver Station and Shuffle board where some cache somewhere gets super clogged, and sometimes just restarting can help.