Bad connection between robot and computer?

Hello. When we connect our computer to the robot and run it using the driver station, we have a very shaky connection. Every so often while driving/operating the bot the Communications and Robot Code “lights” on the driver station turned red and the robot would stop moving. I don’t think the problem is the bridge moving because it also happened while the robot was sitting still and we weren’t operating it. Not sure if this is the right subforum but I figured that y’all could help <3.

What is the Wi-Fi environment like where you’re doing this? It could just be a case of radio interference from another access point. Can you install and run a Wi-Fi scanner (like inSSIDer or Acrylic) on your Driver Station computer?

In addition to checking the wireless environment…

When it happens again watch the status lights on the front of the DLink to see if one turns red or a blue one goes out, then comes back later.

Watch the Status light on the roboRIO to see if it turns yellow for a brief moment right away.

Check the Driver Station log for a gap in the reporting of data corresponding to the communications outage. The duration of the gap will tell how long the communications outage took, and that will help in identifying which component might be failing.