Bad Field?

There has been a lot of discussion prior to this post about receiving the wrong packet from FMS at the beginning of autonomous. For more details see this post.

In a new era of FIRST where FMS sends critical (game changing) data to robots. I would hope that there is a way to ensure that this kind of problem does not continue to happen in future games.

This being said, it seems like there was a single field which lead to the packet problem. This field is the field that I believe was at FLR, Buckeye, Pittsburgh, and (possibly) Houston Champs. Does anyone know if there any public log of which field is used at which event?

Additionally, is anyone aware of any attempts at finding a direct root cause of the packet loss?

From what we can narrow down, the cause of the problem is high latency, going over the 8mb data cap for a field, and having old FMS data clogging your system.

What we were told is to reset the driver station program every match so we clear any old data, and maybe code something in that verifies the data like how 217 has done after Pittsburgh. Other than that, I am unaware of any causes/solutions…

I don’t believe the FRC Truck Schedule is made public but if the event has a live stream its easy to tell if they have a field. Each field used at regions has a color, if you look at the road cases that are normally stored behind the scoring table you can identify what field they are using.

I’m not certain but I think the webcast unit with each truck streams to the same twitch channel each week. If you look at that schedule I think you could get a truck schedule for most regional events.

This is not correct. The twitch channels changed every week, even for events with the same truck. For example, the Heartland regional and Greater KC used the same truck and were back to back weeks, but the channels changed from one to the other.

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I can tell you that Field has gone

St Louis

Also, I’m pretty sure this truck went straight to Detroit from SBPLI so it wasn’t even at Houston.