Bad Gyro???

ok i have been writing some gyro code for this year. I am not asking about the coding aspect but the electrical. I have just soldered up our 2007 and 2008 gyros and I am not getting any change in voltage when I rotate the chip. I didn’t solder up the temperature pins and I cannot find anything that would make it seem neccessary to do so. The thing that bugs me is that I know it isn’t my codebecause I have a gyro from way back and it works on the same principle and it is fine.

Has any one found these problems before? and if so was there anything that you did that made the gyro return a valid voltage?

If I remember correctly, the pins you want to solder to are the pins labeled “T”… the T stands for twist, though I previously assumed it to mean temperature. Kind of an unfortunate design choice. Are you sure you’re connected to the right pins?

Thats something that we could not figure out for a few days last year. T stands for twist and R stands for realitive temp, check that you have it attached to the right pins. Had a good laugh when we discovered the problem.

Thanks guys who knew that R stood for relative temperature. Not very intuitive. Thanks everything is working splendedly now.