Bad new CIM motor

When we went to fire up our practice chassis for the first time today the left side would not turn and was popping breakers. We traced the problem down to a locked up CIM motor.

This was a brand new never ran motor. Upon inspection we found a purple substance, corrosion, and a hard substance on the side of the armature (this is what was preventing the motor to turn.)

Any ideas?

looks kind of like the epoxy they use to balance the armature

how weird… 3357 has a brand new CIM that is locked as well, we have a surplus of CIMS so i didnt take the time to tear it apart. I will take the time today after i turn the robot over to the next subteam! see what i find.

The innards of that CIM look really bad – not like any I have seen before. Maybe King Kong opened it up and sneezed on the armature? :confused:

The blue stuff is for balancing, and is seen on every CIM that I have ever opened. That other stuff should not be in there.

Looks like a quality escape to me.

What’s the part number* and where did you get it?

  • i.e. per R32 Table 4-1


It looks like somebody tried to lubricate it with raspberry yogurt. The corrosion from that substance may not be removable.
Do you have any plans for cleaning it out and reassembling it?

No plans for re-assembly, I wouldn’t be able to trust it.

I wouldn’t trust it either. That said, if it was cleaned a bit, it would make a good training tool.

Could it be adhesive that is used to hold the magnets in? Perhaps someone or some machine was a little overzealous with their application of the stuff. I have also heard of adhesives being used to glue the plates which make up the armature together to inhibit eddy currents. Could it be a misapplication of this adhesive?

Just goes to show you, workers in China can make mistakes.