Bad news for Pink, MOE, ThunderChickens ... ?

Might not be able to use those traditional robot colors.

With 1700 teams involved in the competition this year, we unfortunately could not find a color combination for the vision target that would not conflict with some percentage of the established teams. We would strongly recommend that you consider an alternate color scheme for your ROBOT. If your ROBOT has large areas that are the same color as the vision targets, it is likely that you will confuse the vision systems of both your opponents and alliance partners. If this is determined to be the case, this will be considered to be a violation of Rule <R02-C> (particularly if you are knowingly using the exact color as the vision targets), and the situation will have to be corrected before the ROBOT will be allowed back on the field.

same for our team but i have been pushing for a switch to school colors for over a year now so im taking the target coloring as a blessing.

This Q&A response has some implications for people standing near the field during match play also, particularly field reset volunteers.

I’m reminded of a bone-headed mistake that I made, wearing a green team shirt under my volunteer shirt while working field reset on Curie in 2005. At least one robot tracked me instead of the vision tetra. My unintended interference with autonomous robot functioning might have influenced the outcome of a match. Not a good feeling. :o I corrected the problem when the field supervisor pointed it out.

If the team colors you are wearing match those of the vision targets, be careful not to get too close to the field.

Oh no… no more hot pink and lime green robots? I’m going to miss having a rainbow of robots around.

I’m impressed that the vision system picked up a green shirt from under another shirt, though- wow.

So what if MOE teams ups with the PINK team. Can you imagine the multiple vision targets behind the controllers! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

True, there’s nothing that says team members can’t wear pink/green…

I’d be very reluctant to enforce a violation of <R02-C> if a vision system intended to find a target at a height of 59" is distracted by colorful bumpers at a height of 7". It’s hard to call that “specifically intended to interfere”, because I would assume that any team sophisticated enough to rely on the vision system knows better than to have their camera pointing at the ground.

Except that in the case of PINK and MOE it is the entire robot that is pink or green which means that it is much closer to the height of the vision target than just bumpers.

Rather than pick up pink or green, we decided to look for a pattern of pink over green (or the other way round) (so we can tell if it is a red or blue trailer, of course). If Pink or MOE get atop each other we may have a problem, but no pattern, no tracking, so colored bumpers should not be an issue for us.

That’s exactly what we’re doing, but some teams may just add a simpler tracking program at the last minute due to time constraints or programming ability. So, it could still be an issue for a lot of teams.

This is really stupid IMHO.

We noticed that MARS’s red shirts were picked up as pink until we tweaked the settings a little bit.

Thankfully, our robots tend to be more black than red, but the red will be there.

It is up to the teams to focus on the correct targets, and also on the teams to change their robot color scheme if it conflicts with the swatches provided in the KOP. Do it for your alliance partners’ benefit.

Shirts outside the playing field should not be an issue. Most cameras will be used for autonomous only, or should have an override if a problem develops in tele-op mode…

If the robot is far enough away from the camera it will be in the range of the camera no matter what direction you are pointing it at because the robot will be in the field of view. I wold have to do the math to figure out if it would be possible but it is not exactly something that can be hand waved as absurd.

I’m not a programmer, but couldn’t you also include in the code to look for the colored bumpers directly below the pink and green? like if pink’s on top, have the robot make sure that the bumpers are red before it shoots.

Team 66 the Flyers were the team that went after your green shirt!!! They were one of a few that could score in auton that year. The robot saw your shirt turned 90 degrees and went full blast into the wall, destroying there arm and ending there run through the playoffs. I know this because we shared a bus down to Atlanta, they were bummed out, but did not hold you personelly responsible,these things happen.

This is a little worse than in the past for vision systems but isn’t too surprising to me. In 2006 our team provided glowsticks to all competitors at the AZ regional; anyone on a drive team wearing a green glowstick was asked to remove it for the match to avoid any confusion between it and the lighted targets.