Badge Ribbons at 2023 Champs

Hey, so it’s my first time to Worlds and for some reason, I love the badge ribbons at the event. I have made it my task to get as many of them as possible! Does anyone know which pits have badge ribbons/where in the event I could get them? I know the FTA’s in each FIRST game give out custom ones like for FRC and companies like AndyMark have them. If anyone else knows where I could get more that would be great! Ps does anyone know which team/where in the event I could find the badge ribbon “If the robot ain’t tippin’ you ain’t whippin”. Thanks!

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I’ll have these ones with me today. Come find me if you are mentor-built!


Registration/information has pronoun ribbons and alumni ribbons. There are also special class of X alumni ribbons around.

Your program delivery partner or other volunteers from your area likely have a state/province/district/country ribbon, too.

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REV robotics (I’m pretty sure) had “I’m an ally” rainbow colored ribbons. Located on queuing side of stands.

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I know there have been a bunch of region ones… does anyone know if there’s a FIRST in Michigan one? I’m up to 7 unique ones so far

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I’m curious if theres one for Texas :slight_smile:

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