BAE Autonomous Videos....

Hello All,

Thanks to JasonStern of 229 (Clarkson), we have videos of a lot of the autonomous periods at the BAE regional… AutonLarge.avi - CAUTION: 80+ megs AutonSmall.wmv - CAUTION: 20 megs

Both of these are the same file, the second one is a lower resolution for those of us who don’t have the time to download 80 megs… Happy Viewing.


PS: If you are going to watch the files multiple times, download the file to your hard drive, save me some bandwidth :slight_smile:

They have a lot of ours, i’m proud of that, they have the really cool one with 58 and Buzz, and 58 and 236, where they “followed” us up the ramp and together we took all the stacks.

What codec is that using?

the large one is using the xvid codec

the smaller one is streaming windows media

I used the xvid codec. i believe has it for download, if you need it.