BAE Grant 2020?

Has anyone heard anything on the status of the BAE grant? Thanks!

BAE generously approved a grant for 4020 on Nov 1. Funds are present on our dashboard.

FIRST Robotics Competition (BAE systems FRC Grant)

Available September 1st at 8:00 AM EST.

Applications will close September 30th at 11:59 PM EST.

I think he meant when are people notified if they were approved or not. And no, our team has not been notified.

So does this mean we haven’t been awarded the grant if teams have already been awarded something? We have never applied to this grant before so we are a little unsure on what the process is.

We’ve never been awarded it either but from my understanding, you apply for it starting the 1st of September and you have the entire month till the 30th of September to apply for it. You can not apply for it anymore since the submission window is over.

I think BAE tries to get their grants awarded in November such that they could be applied by the first event payment deadline. There have been some years when BAE was having difficulty sourcing their grant funds internally that they were much later than this. However, it seems like things are proceeding more ideally this year.

I don’t know of a place where you can look up BAE grant status. You could try to contact them using and see if they can provide information about your application.

We received a grant notification from FIRST that we’d received funds on 11/1. We did not receive any other email or notification from BAE Systems, although I haven’t checked our PO box, they may have mailed something. This is our first year applying to the grant. My guess is that they’ve selected teams and distributed funds already but the email paulonis posted is the correct one to contact. It would be nice if teams received a notification either way though, especially since that was quite the application.

We recieved our grant notification the same day.
I also received no other communication. In fact our local representative at our plant didn’t realize the grant was dispersed yet.

We have not seen anything although we are in the same region as the OP so that isn’t surprising that some regions have made awards and others haven’t.

I received an email today saying we’ve been selected for a grant. It said we’d find out about the amount when the funds were dispersed to FIRST.

We just got an email! :smiley:

This our second time applying for this grant. Last year we didn’t get it and this year, we are still waiting to hear. Does anyone know if you have to live near a BAE facility or have a BAE mentor on your team to get the grant? It’s not mentioned in the application but if we are denied again this year it would be nice to know if it’s because of that or if it’s something else like too many teams to pick from etc.

We only apply for it because of the BAE facility down the road from us. That is correct. My experience from getting grants has been more successful when you are near the facility thus in their area of focus/impact, or you know someone working for a company and can list them as an advisor to your team. There is pretty much only one grant our team currently gets that comes from a company that doesn’t do business directly in our area.

So according to Google Maps, we’re 10 miles away from a BAE facility but…it’s across the river in another State. I’m not sure if that will count or not. And- I completely understand these companies only giving grants to teams near their facilities or with employees as mentors but they should be upfront about that so my students don’t waste their time applying for a grant we aren’t going to get.

State borders can be a pain. A lot of cases I’ve found being a border team as well are similar to what you describe. Not much you can do about it unless you have a relationship with someone at the facility. Which is the most important thing I’ve found in repeated success.

Yeah that always seems to be our struggle…getting our foot in the door. Our team is located a few miles away from what I think is the North American headquarters for Agusta helicopters but I don’t even know how to begin starting that conversation with them.

First start with whether Agusta has a foundation, and contact that. If not, then contact their marketing group. Have students initiate the contact (and prepare a script for a call–we can provide one.) Either ask to make a presentation or invite them to a tour of your shop when students are there. Be prepared to ask for a specific amount. If Agusta is a billion dollar company, don’t be afraid to ask for $10k.


I’d also suggest that if they are really 10 minutes down the road, chances are you have a parent at the school (or even on your team) that may work there, see if you can make that connection. Even if there isn’t a foundation, having an employee approach the community outreach or hr person would be as good a place to start as any.