BAE Regional Discussion

Day 1:

Lots of bots had problems being ready. I’ve never seen so many people in the pits. My team scrapped part of our arm in favor of a stripped down, more KISS design. It’s yet to be known whether or not it will work better. We faced a lot of problems because we lost 6 days to snow, and our lead operator–the only one who can really handle our arm–is getting back from Colorado late tonight.

Anyway…I’m going to be interested in how things go tomorrow. It seemed like there were some extremely capable bots (1276, 121, and 133 come immediately to mind, although there were others), and then a huge field of robots who had quite a bit of trouble.



Were they assesing any penalties today? Were people getting “on” the LZ? Any flying tetras?

Flying tetras, yes.

Penalties, no.


Hey can i get an update of team 134? i was unable to make it today, but want to know how my team did!

I really can’t say–you guys looked good at unveiling, but that’s all I know.


i was not there neither but i talked to alot of other team members who were there and they said things went pretty well for the most part.

Pics from BAE are being posted at

Hey I’m in the photo gallery!!! Congrats go out to timberlane, all of you guys that made it to the last rounds, all the teams that lent us parts, and stuff that we lent to others, and finally to my team, 241, who at least got recognized as the backups for the backups…

Two questions I forgot to ask at BAE, how did the aztechs get the side panels like that? airbrush? and 2, you guys and technonuts had about as much team spirit as a cheerleading competition, how’d you get the entire team to do it? Ours is like tar when we try to get them pumped up…

Penalties - YES

we got hit with penalties for the robot not touching the triangle in the human player loading zone, and the human player had part of his foot out side the area when he put the tetra on the robot. :ahh: :ahh: Our problem with the first one was that our omni wheels straddled the triangle at the loading station, the robot was over top of the area but NOT TOUCHING so we fixed that problem as shown below.

claw zip II.JPG

claw zip II.JPG

Has a robot capped in auton?

The schools auto body shop did the paint, the painted the color first with the fades and then sprayed black paint and while it was still went took thin plastic and kinda wrinkled it to get that look. then sprayed clear coat. came out really good… As for the team spirit, thats just the kids venting from stress at school :wink: If not that just the way they are.