BAE Thanks and Congrats from Team 296

On behalf of team 296, I’d like to thank team 58, the Riot Crew, and team 1547, Where’s Waldo, for being fantastic alliance partners at the BAE Granite State Regional. I’d also like to apologize for the technical problem (malfunctioning drivetrain Victor) we had that contributed to our semifinal loss.

Additional thanks go out to team 40, the Pioneers, for the “Coolest Robot” award they gave us, and to Waldo for giving us their “Best Pit” award.

Finally, congratulations to teams 1276, 1519 and 133 for their regional win, and to 190 for their Chairman’s win.

Thanks for the congratulations! With the defense that your team’s alliance (with teams 58 and 1547) was playing in the QFs and SFs, we were glad that we didn’t have to match up against you all in the finals! It was great having your team and Where’s Waldo (1547) at the BAE GSR to make it an International Event – we’d love to have you both return again next year.

Your team should also be congratulated on the Autodesk Visualization Award that your team was received – it was in a class by itself – you can be sure we’ll be rooting for your animation to win it all at the Championship in Atlanta!

I’d like to congratulate you guys (296) on having an outstanding robot. You and Kaizan seemed to be playing at a different level than everyone else.

I’d like to apologize–sympathize is perhaps a better word–for your hard luck. I watched your loss and tie. The loss–I saw that the green light wasn’t on. The tie–it was against us–was not a tie. You guys beat us and the scoring system screwed up.

Wow. Your bot was intense. My entire team was watching in awe at your autonomous shooting and I know you will continue to represent the North Country well as you continue on.


Team 1547 would like to thank teams 296 (Northern Knights) and 58 (Riot Crew). We would never have gotten as far as we did without you guys and it was an amazing experience to be in your alliance. We would like to apologize for the disqualification that happened in the semi-finals and are currently working on a way to fix this problem. :slight_smile: We can’t wait to see 296 at GTR and wish both teams all the luck for the future!!!

We would also like to thank every team that attended BAE. All the spirit and enthusiasm that was there gave the regional a great atmosphere. Everybody was kind to us and the encouragment was greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Hopefully we will see you all again soon!!

Team 1547

The DQ problem is now FIXED!!! Woo Hoo

Awesome :slight_smile: lookin forward to Toronto, hopefully we can team up again! [though i cant speak on behalf of my team] it would rock!