BAFO USB to 9 Pin Adapter

So we finally got our BAFO adapter in, in hopes of getting reasonably quick download times. Just one problem. IT WONT INSTALL! Windows (XP SP2) recognizes the deivce immediately upon plug in, but instead of starting the new hardware wizard as per the included instruction manual, and using the driver off the CD-ROM, windows just installs no drivers, and does npot allow any drivers to be installed for the “Unknown Device”, saying that even when I specifically select the correct driver “Driver does not contain info about the unknown device”. What to do, what to do?

What are you plugging the USB adapter into? Is it a desktop or a laptop, and if a desktop, a front USB or rear USB port?

The only way a USB device will show up as an Unknown Device is if the device is defective, or one of the USB connectors on the computer is bad (either a bad contact, or if part of a bracket or front USB some of the pin headers may not be connected properly). Try the adapter on another USB port (preferably rear connector attached to the motherboard), or another computer and see if it works- if it does, you have a bad USB connection. If it does not, you have a bad adapter.

Or there is a driver the computer lacks…then windows automatically assumes its defective…

Heres the updated driver for the device…im assuming you have the BF-810

hope this helps