Bag and Tag bag.

Did anybody happen to weigh the bag and tag bag?

One has to ask the question why?

because we are bringing the rest of our bot and we dont know how much the bag weighs so we dont know an accurate total weight and we neeed it.

A couple of ounces?

I still don’t understand why you need the weight. It wouldn’t possibly count towards a withholding limit, and your robot should be in it right now.

I may be mistaken, but I believe the OP is wanting to know how much their robot weighs minus the bag so they can get an estimate of their current robot weight.


Yes, Chris is correct. Every ounce counts. We want to be able to know, as accurate as possible, how much the robot will weigh. Before we go to Regionals.
Thank you

You should have received two.

Teams did receive two, however many teams bagged their bumpers in the other bag.

when we got back from kick-off there were no bags on our tote, we had to call another team and see if they had an extra bag.

You should not be weighing your robot in the bag if that’s what you are doing. Once it is bagged and tagged it’s hands off like it’s not even in your possession.

Truths. Not a finger.

There’s a rule for this?

Administrative Manual 4.6.1 Bag and Tag

This year ALL US and Canadian FRC District and Regional Events will be Bag & Tag. Don’t know what Bag & Tag means? On Stop Build Day - Feb 21st teams must stop work on the robot and seal it in a large bag (using a tag) that will be included in the 2012 Kit of Parts. Teams record when the robot is sealed on a Robot Lock-Up Form. Teams then transport the robot to and from the event on their own. Please check the public agenda for robot drop-off times. No work on the robot is allowed until the Robot Lock-Up Form has been reviewed and signed off by an inspector.

See FRC Administration Manual section 5 for more Bag and Tag details.

I don’t see one. The only thing it really says in the manual is

5.2 Stop Build Day
All teams must cease work on their robot on or before Stop Build Day.

Does weighing it count?

I don’t know if there is a rule against but it does feel questionable but besides the point, didn’t a second bag come in the Kit of Parts? Could you weight that to find out?

You should have received several bag and tags in your KOP. However, don’t sweat the weight right now, the only scale that matters is the one in the inspection area at your regional.

You can weigh your robot all you want in the bag. you can do anything, as long as you dont cut the tag or break the bag or break into the bag. As long as the robot isnt altered in any way you are not breaking any rules. ( I am NOT saying you can break into the bag, without breaking any rules).

Teams must stay “hands-off” their Robot from Stop Build Day until their first competition, during the period(s) between their competitions, and outside of pit hours while attending competitions; *

Looks pretty clear under this rule. Moving and weighing your robot is not “hands off.”

But as Al said, if you shouldn’t worry about a few ounces, there is no guarantee that the inspection scales will be that accurate so pushing it that close is a bad idea.

The Q&A has clarified the intent if this rule. It’s not supposed to be an “anything you can manage through the bag” situation.

*Q. The rule [R20] states teams must stay “hands off” after stop build day, and that they shall not interface with the robot. Does having ‘“hands off”’ quoted imply that ALL contact, including non-hand contact is disallowed (i.e. through-the-bag measurements)?

A. Please see Rule [R20-A]. To understand the intent, imagine the Robot sitting in a sealed crate in a drayage facility at your Competition. Act like the Robot in the bag is not there. Please don’t read into the quotation marks. (answer edited, 3/7 to include reference to rule number and fix typo)

  • 5 March 2012*