(bag and tag) between Competitions?

Will the robots have to be bagged between Regionals?
This will impact our decision to build a second robot for practice.

( Any official documentation on it will be beneficial )

I believe bag is gone for everything


I suggest you take a look at the no-bag rule changes, released here. You can compare the new rules to the rule manual from last year, here. Then you can read the Q&A for the rule changes, here. They should answer most questions you have about the end of the bag.


In particular, look at R14-R16 for the limits of when you can do what work on your robot. The short answer is that [pending rules we haven’t seen yet] there won’t be any bags or tags required.

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IIRC the only time you can’t work on the robot after kickoff is when pits are closed at a regional an event in which your team is competing .

Edit yes thanks GeeTwo, should have been more clear.

FTFY, at least most of the way.

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