Bag and Tag Time

This is a little earlier than I thought for us

*All ROBOT elements (including items intended for use during the competition in alternative configurations of the ROBOT), with the exception of the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE per R21, BUMPERS, and COTS items, must be bagged and sealed, by 04:59 UTC on Stop Build Day, Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

That translates to 9AM for us on the west coast.

8:59 pm on Tuesday, isn’t it?

The time zone converter I found says 8:59 AM on Tuesday.

Did you put in 4:59 am UTC?

Gary is correct… 04:59 UTC (Wednesday) = 11:59 PM eastern (Tuesday) = 8:59 PM pacific (Tuesday)

Same as recent years, is it not?

It used to be midnight local time.

Keep in mind it’s 4:59 am UTC.

Ah, that’s right. Thanks.

it makes sense that the game is released globally at the same time, so stop build is now also the same time globally. I actually envy the west coasters here, since they can go home at 9PM. Us east coasters get the same midnight time we’ve always had.

Where is this information found?


I don’t envy them having to be up for a 7:30 AM game reveal though :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to be on a Seattle team. the mornings were a little bit early, but that was also 3 more hours you could do robotics before having to head home to sleep.

… and feel sorry for the British team(s). I think it translates to ~6AM for them.

And at 2643, as soon as the 'bot is bagged & tagged, we start on the ice cream sundaes :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a grand tradition right there.

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Haha, try 5:30 a.m.! But it’s kind of hard to sleep the night before kickoff anyway, no?

753 (Bend OR) celebrates with waffles! :slight_smile:

“Up” is subjective. To a reasonably astute observer, we’re awake.

I approve of this celebration method.