Bag and Tag Verification

How are we supposed to prove and display that our bag has no holes other than massive amounts of pictures while packing our robot in to the bag?

At competition, an inspector will inspect your bag to make sure that there are no holes in it before you are allowed to open it.::rtm::

Short answer is you can’t prove it. Not rigourously, anyway.

There are all sorts of pretty obvious ways to cheat, but you’re expected to resist the temptation.

Instead of proving it, your team will have to present a signed log form indicating the circumstances of the openings and closings of the bag. There’s no harm in taking lots of pictures—because that can only help you if something unforeseen happens—but FIRST is for the most part willing to take your team’s word for it.

The honor system is exactly that… Part of me feels disappointed that the Bag and Tag system even exists, because a strict honor system accomplishes exactly the same thing.

It keeps dust out :rolleyes:

It also forces you to be creative if you want to measure something off of the robot (we have been VERY creative, as well as very careful to not accidentally rip the bag, in the past). This makes the experience of bag&tag teams closer to that of shipping teams…

Especially when it’s stored in a wood shop without an effective dust collection system. :ahh:

Personally I like the shipment system, even if we normally just dropped it off locally . . it mimics real life conditions, and gets the robot to a safe location where fingers of students and teachers who “don’t know” can’t get to it.

Ours is now in the shipping crate AND in the bag. It will have to be a concerted band of fingers to get access to it. I’m hoping we have sufficient pre-bagging pictures to satisfy and refresh our memory if and when needed.