Bag And Tag

:confused: My mentor is wondering when you bag and tag your robot what are you supposed to do- or we supposed to bag and tag and take it down ourselves on Feb.23 or do we ship it on that day. Please HELP!:confused:

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When bagged, you bring it to the event. Not a bagged team as we still ship so I do not know all the details. The FIRST website should have more details on it, have you tried there?

Read section 4.8 of the manual, found here.

If you are attending any bag and tag event, you need to log all of your bagging and unbagging activities. That means, on shipment day, you seal the robot in its bag using the provided serial-numbered zip tie, and obtain the necessary signature.

If your first event is not a bag and tag event, put it in the crate and ship it to the event (bagged).

If your first event is a bag and tag event, do not ship the robot; store it in a secure location (in its sealed bag) until the first day of the event, then transport it yourself to the event.

Your answer lies in this and Section 4

<R26> …
When the ROBOT shipment deadline arrives, all work on the ROBOT must cease and the ROBOT must be placed in a “hands-off” condition. The entire ROBOT (including all FABRICATED ITEMS intended for use during the competition in alternative configurations of the ROBOT) must be crated or bagged (as appropriate for your event), and out of team hands by the shipment deadline specified in Section 4 (with the exception of the items covered by the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE).

See also R28 and R38. There may be differences in your procedure if your next event is a bag and tag or a standard event.

You will bag the robot into the secure bag provided at kickoff and put the tag on it on the 23rd. You must use the log FIRST provides on the website to log the time and dates of bagging. You will take the robot to the first event if that is your bag and tag event. If you attend a regular event first, you must ship on the 23rd and back home after that event and then take it with you to the bag and tag event. All bag and tag rules will still apply and it must be bagged at the event prior to putting it into the crate for shipment home. Remember that we will be allow to unbag in the seven days prior to our bag and tag event for a total of six hours and that must also be logged on the log sheet. It has to be checked by and inspector at the event upon arrival and sign off before you can unbag the robot.

If you are in Michigan, your mentor should regularly be getting emails from FIM (First In Michigan). Several of these emails have had a full set of the Michigan-specific bag-and-tag rules. You can also look it up on the First In Michigan website (google will find it).

Section 4.8.2 has your answers, INCLUDING the proper bagging procedure.

Note that if your first event is not a bag-and-tag, you ship as normal and then bag at the first event.

Let me get this straight… We are attending Kansas City (week 1, bag and tag) and Boilermaker (week 3, not bag and tag). So, on ship day we bag our robot and haul it to KC. After KC, we take it out of the bag and ship it to Purdue. Please tell me if this is correct, and if I messed up, please correct me.

No, you put it back in the bag at KC, and haul it home. Then you put robot, bag and all, in the crate, and ship the whole kit and caboodle to Purdue. At Purdue, you find someone to verify your bag and tag log before you open the bag.

Yeah… just after I posted that, I looked in the manual and saw that… and I’m the rules expert. =/

A good rules expert has read all of the rules, with that said, we will bag up our bot, take it to Kansas City, have FIRST unbag it. When we are done we bag it up and FIRST will sign the tag form. We will bring it back, put it, bag and all into the create and ship it out to Purdue. When we get there we will again have it signed off to unbag and then it is traditional from there.