Bag and Tag

I am looking at the regional list on the first site here and as far as I can tell none of the events are Bag and Tag.

I am sure this is a oversight but since regional selections are coming up I hope there would be a clarification coming soon.

Last year they were all bag and tag (other than the championship.) Assuming the same for this year there would be no reason to designate them

We haven’t heard any different, so we expect QCR and all events to be Bag-n-Tag.

There’s no way FIRST is going back to shipping robots to the venues at this point… the shipping costs would be massive compared to what they had last year, plus there would be a ton of returning teams (rookies from the past year or two) that don’t have crates, which would be a logistical nightmare to introduce to them at the last minute. Heck, just getting a crate in our rookie year 7 years ago was a huge headache.

I didn’t hear any real big issues with Bag and Tag last year that would make FIRST abandon it. There were a few small issues at the regionals I was at, but they were all easy to resolve with the teams. The only “big” issue we had was at the MN State Championship (which isn’t exactly a FIRST event, occurring after Champs and not hosted by FIRST), where a team failed to bag their robot after their last competition. But even that we were able to work through without too big of a headache.

This. Our crate is still around as well, but we’re a 10 year team. I doubt any events will not be bag-n-tag.

How would you get a robot from HI to and from events in less than 2 weeks and through security at airports? :slight_smile:

The same way FIRST has done it in the past for Bag and Tag events… teams traveling long distances can apply to FIRST for an exemption from Bag and Tag and ship their robot to/from events still. This still saves enormous amounts of money, as a very large percentage of teams can transport the robot on their own. In fact, I don’t think there was a single shipped robot to any of the MN regionals last year. That saves FIRST shipping costs for 150+ robots right there. I can’t speak for the other regionals, but I imagine something like 90%+ of teams transported the robot themselves last year.

We Bag and Tag our robot for all events except for World Championships, when we pull out the ol’ “Thunder In A Box”.

There’s absolutely no way that they could completely get rid of Bag and Tag; mainly in MI where our farthest district this year is a little over 1 hour away. It seems very unpractical to ship our robot 50 miles away.

I got a nice email from HQ confirming that all events except Championship are Bag and Tag.


It clearly says “Thunder In THE Box” :wink:

I don’t know why…?

But, no, they won’t get rid of bag & tag.