Bag Day? Really?

It looks like the era of crates and decoration thereof is over for regionals, at least. The community seems to have latched onto “bag day” as description for the transition. We all can appreciate the entertainment value of a hectic build season although that is surely not the only aspect of the period.

When the entertainment industry finishes one of their productions, they traditionally have a celebration called a wrap party. I’m not sure why it’s called that, but it seems a much more appropriate designation for FRC’s end of season event. Would that I could do a global edit of CD posts and titles to change all those “bag days” to “wrap days!” Some musically talented team may even produce a rap song to commemorate the cessation of building.

Now let’s work on polishing up the phrase “stop build”.

As my daughter said, you used to shut up your robot and send it away from home. Now you just suffocate it.

But, now you can watch it suffocate in the bag as you do team meetings before competition.


It is so painful just looking at it every meeting. We might take it over to a sponsor’s warehouse. Lockdown day makes me sad.

It also doesn’t make me any less anxious to play in the first regional of the year.

the quote of the night from when we bagged up our robot was “practice safe robotics”

We placed the bagged robot in our crate so we wouldn’t have to look at it.

It’s like the robot is sitting there mocking me. I almost want to smash one of our old robots in front of it to teach it a lesion :slight_smile:

… atleast your robot isn’t sitting in your kitchen. :rolleyes:

Since 2009, I’ve been using the term “Zip Day.” I rather like it, but wrap day and stop build day is pretty cool too.

What about “The Day of Mummification”?

Zip Day but you could tie that in with Wrap Day. :smiley:


Hurling Day?

We still shipped, so that was fun. It seems like not shipping is kind of an underwhelming end to build.

Our robot is sitting in its crate in Texas.

I sure hope not.


I’ve been calling it “International Ship Day” for the last ten years. Always have, likely always will, just like a lot of us old vets still slip into calling the Championships “Nationals.”


I’ve been describing our bagged robot as “the fruit basket”.

I, too, still call it “ship day” … and I probably always will, as well.

It’s tough to teach this old dog new tricks :stuck_out_tongue: