Bag Day... unless?

Bag day would’ve been yesterday, would you have bagged in time?

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Heck no.

Although we would’ve pushed harder during the final stretch than we did… so yes.

I’m confident in saying our product on the field during week 1 will be better because there is no bag.



I told someone on the team that yesterday was bag day and he freaked out. He forgot that it wasn’t here

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edit: selfish plug here


I think we would have bagged on time regardless of the robot’s state :stuck_out_tongue:

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well our robot is essentially finished minus pnumatic plumbing but we would have zero driver practice if we had to bag it. luckily we have a week and a half till our event.

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After a crazy late weekend, yes, we actually would have bagged a complete functional robot that was underweight. I’m glad we have two robots to play with for the next few weeks though, so we can keep working and improving right up to competition. Should be a good year.


Not even close. We discovered an odd aversion toward working ourselves to death and haven’t pulled any late nights or extra long weekends. …yet.
It was nice to turn the shop lights out at 9:00 last night and go home under normal amount of stress rather than the insomnia inducing non climax to the season we used to experience during the 3rd week of February.


If there were a bag day we would have bagged either a chassis or our practice bot.

Unanswerable question. We would have gone with our usual more focused build schedule. Likely the malignant fates would have sent another Ice Age like last year to punish us.
I think design and work flow patterns from the giddyup would have been different.
But we always have something ready by B and T, so, yes we would have had an operational machine in the bag.
But we might also have opted to build two and go to a later event under the old rules…


Interesting- it’s exactly what I would have expected

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Well, I can say we’ve definitely bagged robots in years past that were less complete than our robot was last night, so make of that what you will.

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We bagged… for about a minute. One of the least-complete robots we’ve ever had at this point.

wait… build season started?


Oddly enough, we are more ready this year than the previous 4 years. We have a working driving, shooting, climbing robot. However, last night while climbing, we found a problem that thankfully wont have to be 30lbs or less and with 5 hours to do the work… Soooo glad for no bag day!!

Probably, but we would have rushed the electrical and some other mounts so it would have been hard to maintain again. We spent most of Monday taking time to fix some stiffness in the system and doing electrical wiring nicely so we can maintain it easier. We also didn’t push as hard for extra time the last week, which I’m sure our new teacher this year appreciates (I do too).

We probably would have cut scope slightly with bag day (singulating has been a challenge, might have gone to just one ball wide intake) but I think the new time is helping to let us iterate more. It is really great for teams like ours that don’t meet much (~10 hours a week), we don’t have team mentors or students willing or able to work really long weeks in the 6 week build but they can easily accommodate meeting a little more in the “post bag” window to finish things up.

Funnily enough… yes

Impossible to say. Our robot was in a pretty good state to be bagged, but if there had been bag day, we would have been building two robots over the same period so who knows how far along the competition bot would have been? We certainly wouldn’t have had the time to make all the little tweaks and improvements that we’ve made over the past week or two. And we’d be broke at this point, and probably unable to afford to go to our second regional. Everything would be totally different.