Bag for intake

We plan on running a 40 to 1 versa to run our intake. Do you think a bag motor will be powerful enough to run our intake with about 1in of compression?

We are running a 775 pro with a 36:1 reduction and about 3/4” compression and it has worked well for us so far

thx that is what we have now. I don’t know if this is a dumb idea but according to R30, it is legal to connect up to 2 bags per controller. We are working on a double layer intake that will require 2 motors that spin at the same speed. At this point belts or chains will not work out good because of the location of the hex shafts. Any thoughts?

If you can’t get a belt between the two shafts then I would say go for it and put 2 bags on a motor controller and run it that way.

We’re using a bag motor with no issues. I think our reduction is 21:1 with 2 inch intake wheels. If you’re using 4 inch wheels, 40:1 should be fine.

If these numbers are for running the intake rollers, I would be concerned that they are all running quite slow. Our BAG motor for a roller of 2" mecanum wheels at 1/4" compression runs at a 3:1 reduction. It warms up a decent amount if you run it a lot, so we may later change it to a different motor, but even this feels slow at intaking to me.

We target the surface speed of the intake running at ~2x the max speed of the drivetrain as a general target.


Aren’t these reductions a bit high for intake rollers? We’re planning on a bag with a 5-7:1 reduction.

Edit: Yeah, what @plusparth said.

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That is what I am noticing with other teams. Our intake kind of works way too fast right now with a 10:1 and the power cells are going to places we don’t want them😬

We have seen great results with our intake so far

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We’re running a BAG 5:1 with 2" of compression. We’ve had no issues with it and it works really well.

We’re running 2 bag motors on the same Talon SRX with 9:1 versa reductions with about 1 inch of initial compression and 1/2-3/4 inch conveyor compression after that. It’s working well for us so far and we can intake 2 PCs wide across the entire 18” system.

we’re using a BAG with a VP at 3:1 plus about 1.6:1 sprocket reduction. Spinning a 2.5" OD roller. We also aimed for about twice the drive speed for intake roller surface speed. We’ll see how it does in real life, but it seems to be ok so far for the practicing we’ve done. Fortunately we still have a couple weeks to test and modify more if needed. I can see using a 775 and 10:1ish on the VP, if needed. There’s a trade off if balls get stuck with the BAG it’s probably not going to smoke it, but with the 775 it might, unless we set current limiting low enough.

As a follow up, we discovered that running the intake roller slower on our Everybot-style intake actually reduced jamming. The slower speed allowed the first ball to roll to one side or the other as the second ball came up into the hopper.

We’ll probably end up going with a bag on a 10:1 VP, but will slow it down a bit when intaking.

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