BAG Motor at higher then 12v

Hello all,

Working on a fun project, hoping to use bag motors.

How do these do at higher then 12v, say around 15-17v (4S Lipo)?
Will be using current limiting controllers so they shouldn’t be pushed that hard, and only need short duty cycles.

It’s the current that matters most (since the new voltage you’re applying isn’t all that much higher), so if you are cognizant of the potential for higher currents and handle it correctly you will be fine.

They work just fine at 18V, but you will wear out the brushes/commutator much faster than normal. The company I work at used them to drive our solar robots because I was familiar with them and the VersaPlanetaries. They averaged around 40 hours of continuous operation… we are now using geared motors that are $400 dollars each. I would advise you to put heat-sinks on them, should help prevent them from cooking as easily.