Bag Motors?


Hey guys,

I’m looking to purchase quite a few bag motors. Any Idea? thank



VEXPro should have them. If not, check AndyMark, Westcoast Products, and RobotMarketPlace.


All out of stock :frowning:


Just how many and how well do they need to perform?


My experience has been that if I need something from the VexPro line, and it’s not November to early January, it’s probably out of stock. We have a handful; I’ll check to see if we have any to spare tomorrow evening.

I could only find two, which we’ll definitely want to keep on hand. I’m sure there are a few more somewhere, but I only found one in the CIMs and BAG motor bin, and one in the KoP Motors from last year box.


Can you replace it with a 775pro?


HI guys,

I’m working in a group project and need around 20 bag motors, I would like them to be in good working order. If any of you could spare a few each I would gladly compensate. Thanks



Why do they have to be BAG motors?


AndyMark 9015?


Banebots RS550 would be another option( $6.31 each in quantity of 20, rather than the $14 for the 9015 or $25 for the BAG)

If you require 20 it may be worth doing a few design changes and going with something more readily available.


That’s an option, as is the RS-550.

But if this doesn’t have to abide by FRC rules, there are a wide variety of 12VDC motors out there to select from.


HI guys,

My design is locked in for the Bag motors. Mainly in how its mounted and space constants. If you all have any to spare please let me know. thanks guys.



Better yet!


Other 500 series motors have nearly identical total dimensions and identical 25mm bolt circles for their mounting holes.


Thank you all for the suggestions. But Im sticking with the design at this time. I’m hoping people can spare what I need. thanks



In VexPro’s defense, that’s a pretty optimal time to be sitting on low inventory due to a january kickoff, and the fact that they have to pay taxes on any unsold inventory at the end of the year. If they focused on having year round inventory, they’d be less profitable and be able to offer us less products.

Their ideal forecasting would have them ending the year with nothing at all. this is difficult obviously as what teams will order any given year has to swing wildly.

I’m certainly grateful for the awesome resources VexPRO (and the other FRC specific suppliers) offer.


That wasn’t meant as a complaint, just an observation. FRC supply is a mostly seasonal business, despite the number of teams who continue to build neat stuff some or all of the rest of the year. Actually, Vex* appears to have maximum inventory around Dec 31st. Depending on local tax codes, perhaps some can move their inventory tax date up two or three months.

    • and most other FRC suppliers, as well


may I ask what your project is? I can’t think of anything that would use 20 bag motors.


A few years ago I used about that many to make six mini drive trains.