Bag-n-Tag and Crate Shipping

In the last couple of years, we’ve only had to crate our bot from event to event (i.e. not bag-n-tag); and our team would physically bolt our bot frame onto the bottom of the crate (onto the crate’s superstructure) to keep it from shifting during shipment… Our team has competed in bag-n-tag events this year so far - and now we are competing at CMP this year.

We are exploring our options since we can’t bolt our bot into the frame thru our bag - without ripping holes in the bag in order to do it. We thought about clamping it down (on top of the bag) or strapping it down (over and around the bag), etc. I am just wondering how you folks are doing something like that to keep your bot from being scrambled in the crate.


We’ve always lashed ours down with ratchets, with or without bag. Just bolt a few u bolts to where you want to lash too (four points on the bottom usually works for us) and do up the ratchets nice and tight.

We like to try and get weight off wheels with some blocks or chocks, but in the past year we forgot, but our robot came out fine anyway.

We build corner brackets that fit tight against the frame. Literally two sides shaped as a L and a triangle covering the top.

We slip the robot into the two back ones and then screw the front ones in. You can do this with the bag in place with no issues.

Last year when we went to champs we were in a similar situation. We ended up bolting through the bag - 4 bolt-sized holes aren’t really a problem in the bag, especially since you can explain the need for them to the inspectors. Note that we didn’t rip the bag first - list laid it flat on the frame an pushed the bolt through it.

We did the same as the others in this thread.

We built an “H” shaped 2x4 frame to set the robot up on that frame inside the crate. This got the weight off the wheels. In each corner of the crate at the bottom is an eye bolt. We used ratchet straps to strap over the robot with some foam pieces to the eye bolts in an “X” pattern.

It was very difficult to get the robot in the crate with a bag, and very difficult to find a place to try and ratchet strap your robot down while in the bag as well. So good luck with that.

If bag and tag is successful, hopefully Championship next time will be bag and tag too. That would be great.

Too many teams would get exemptions for it to be worth it. Teams come to the championship all over the world. Otherwise, the Championship would have been Bag & Tag this season as well.

Just built our crate today. We installed a pair of 2x4s on the bottom (lag-screwed thru to the skids) to hold up the bot off its wheels, and strapped it down with ratchet straps to eyebolts on the 2x4s. The straps criss-cross over the top of the shooter. The bumpers are pressed tight against three sides of the crate as well. We’ll see if she survives. It feels OK so far.

As could be expected, one of the eyebolts snagged the bag and ripped it as we put the bot into place. So remember to keep the bag out of the way!

You might consider putting a packing blanket over or around your bot before lashing it down so the straps don’t rip or abrade the bag as you ratchet it down or from slight movement during shipment.

Dr. Bob

Chairman’s Award is not about building the robot. Every team builds a robot.

Does anyone know the drayage information for shipping to St. Louis? Last year it was conveniently on the CMP webpage. This year I can’t find it anywhere on the FIRST site.

Drayage info on Championship was emailed to teams competing there. If 78 needs it, just send me a message and I can get the doc to you.

Congrats on EI!

Thanks Colleen! We got the info now…all set. See everyone down in STL!