Bag-'n-Tag / Ship Date Reflections

Hey CD!

Well, It’s that time of year again. For some teams, ship date is a relatively smooth day. They bag their robots early, throw a party, and sleep through the night. Other teams are stressing out and making plans to pound the energy drinks, intending to continue building until midnight tonight.

Not that anyone cares, but Team 4269 plans to be bagged by 7:30 pm.

Just out of sheer curiosity, how is everyone holding up?

Best of luck tonight! -Lewis

11:59:59 or bust!

bag around 11:30, clean up and go home! Hope to at least go that long, we have some well deserved and needed driver practice!

We wanted to be done early today but a fried electronics panel two days ago still has us with an unworkable robot :frowning: just trying to fix all the bugs in pneumatics and electronics right now- probably will end up being late

We had hoped to avoid another 11:59 bagging, but after the snow/ice days causing us to miss multiple build days it looks like we can’t avoid it now.

Hopefully a standard build night for us. Finishing up adding a few components and then some testing, cleaning, and heading home to see my family before 9:00 p.m. for the first time in…well…yeah six-weeks :yikes:

Ok not really, I made Sundays a mandatory day off a couple of years ago but still…to be home before 9:00 on any other day let alone bag day is an oddity…

It’s Done By 6:00 for us or else the school kicks us out.

Our school had school today, and we were supposed to bag it yesterday, but we ran into some problems, so we’re having a quick meeting to wrap up and get some drive practice… but knowing us, we’ll probably end up going over. (Hopefully not though, our school has finals tomorrow…)

3:30 till when done.

Practice robot is running, but we haven’t turned on the competition robot yet. Just a couple more wires and air hoses, some testing and filming and we’re ready to bag.

11:59PM club here.

We just have some finishing touches to put on what we’re shipping. We won’t be staying up all night because the only thing we have left to work on is our 45 pound withholding allowance.

It looks like we are going to be a 9:00 pm bag this year. We got the major problems fixed yesterday, like the shooter not locking down, at our all day meeting.

We bagged at 5 PM yesterday…

Our team just bagged the robot today.

We’re about to bag it. Unless, of course the autonomous doesn’t work again.