Bag night issues

Ok so we were testing our robot as usual and then we broke something nowhere near the electrical board. Then when we powered back on once that was fixed we had a really weird thing happening where all of the side red and black ports of our PDP would turn on and off and somewhat blink. There is no voltage change over this blink or our multimeter wasn’t fast enough. The Rio, VRM, and PCM are not affected by this that current at the top is not at all affected. the main things that were affected were our talons and our spikes. We have determined that it was not the batteries because we changed the battery 3 times and the problem persisted. The batteries when batteries beaked were good at 130%. So our electrical team is confused and don’t know what is going on. So if you have any ideas please let me know if you really want pictures I can get some through the bag.
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Whatever dropped into the robot is shorting one of the outputs on that side of the PDP. The blink is occurring because the breaker feeding that branch is tripping open and then closing. When you get the bag open, remove all the breakers feeding that side and see if the problem goes away. If it does, add them back one at a time until the problem reoccurs. The problem is in that branch.

Did you try replacing all of your breakers to perhaps 40amps on the larger WAGOs or ports? You could even replace all the breakers would be a good start.

That would make sense except all channels that we have something plugged in are flickering so we will try that when we do out of bag but I don’t know how effective it would be

we have 40 amp on all of our motors in the motor ports and 30 on the other ports that are smaller

the only other thing that I forgot to mention was that it only happens when we were in teleop and enabled

We’ve had the robot automatically disable itself at times during teleop enabled. And once, it disabled for 2s and enabled by itself. I guarantee no one was messing with the driver station.

Your problem sounds more like this known bug and not related to the OPs problem.

I agree it sounds like something is shorting your PDP branch circuits, either inside the case or on multiple branches outside. If it only happens when enabled in teleop, the short might be on the other side of a motor controller.

@JKBear331 When whatever broke on your robot, did someone by chance drill into metal when the team fixed it? It sounds like you could potentially have metal shavings from drilling inside the PDP causing shorts across multiple branches.

It could be metal shavings but they were never drilling directly near or above the PDP withought the tarp over it although they did drill through some wires that were solderd to a limit switch and a breakout board so we wern’t happy with mechanical

Weird thing that we all fear we put the robot in the bag. Wait a week. The problem fixes itself. We don’t know what the issue is

I would have a spare PDP ready to swap out if the other suggestions above don’t work.

One wrong move while creating lightening holes will have your PDP filled with metal shavings you didn’t even think was possible from a few holes.

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