Bag Opening Question

This has probably been answered before but I couldn’t find a thread with the exact question and answer I was looking for.

The handbook clearly states that "Teams permitted to use the ROBOT Access Period per R19-H may only unlock their ROBOT for
a total of six (6) hours during the 7-day period preceding any 2-day event in which their Team will
be competing with their ROBOT.

If my team’s upcoming competition begins next weekend, with pit setup time beginning on Friday night, and matches + opening ceremony on Saturday & Sunday, are we allowed to open the bag the Friday before(Since that would be the 7 day time period before the pit setup time) or do we have to wait until the Saturday before the competition to use the 6 hours allotment?

I hope im making sense!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained robot inspector. I have not in detail asked a robot inspector directly about this issue. Hoping a District Robot inspector will help here.

I would find that reasonable. In the past when we’ve had a Thurs(Night)-Friday-Saturday, we’ve had some of our unbag time on the Thursday before and were not given any issues.

If you are counting Friday as part of the event then it’s not two days… I would suggest asking a QA question. I would interpret this as meaning you can use time Saturday before your Saturday Sunday event.

The seven day period preceding a two-day (Saturday-Sunday) event would be the previous Saturday through Friday. I wouldn’t want to chance a previous Friday unbag without a clear statement from FIRST HQ/Q&A or your event’s LRI. If there are extenuating circumstances, they may allow the exception as long as the total number of hours is a wash.

District events are actually 2-1/2 day events. They are on the First calendar as 3 day events. The first day actually starts in the evening. You are safe using the unbag time 7 day from the allowed unbag time. At least the way I read the rules. Q&A is the only place to get an official answer.

QA has answered:

7 days prior to the day you unbag at the competition.