Bagging your robot

For those of you that have not gone through Bag and Tag before, here is a simple video:

FRC 4607 Bag and Tag Video

If you have questions, please ask FRC 4607 @ [email protected]

Please remember to not bag your batteries or bumpers!

Good Luck this season!

I have a question. I cant find it in the rule book, however is the 45lbs of machined components outside the bag still legal?
Thanks in advance for your reply

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30 lbs

Are you referring the the withholding allowance? If so check out R18 in the game manual

R18 At an Event, Teams may have access to a WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE of FABRICATED ITEMS, not bagged per R15, to be used to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT. The WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE is a static set of items that shall not exceed 30 lbs. With permission from another
Team, Teams may also have access to FABRCATED ITEMS that are part of that other Team’s WITHOLDING ALLOWANCE to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT. The WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE may only be brought into the Venue when the Team initially loads in at the Event. Items made at an Event do not count towards this weight limit.

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Thanks, that is just what I needed to know.

I love that you used Rivvet as the example robot! How have I not seen this already?

As we approach Bag and Tag on Feb 20 I will revive this thread. Please note that Bag and Tag is scheduled for 11:59 ET.

Bag and Tag video

Notes on bagging the robot:

  1. Go through thisinspection videoprior to bag and tag - Robot Inspection is a serious issue! Please remember that R-03 is now 'void
  2. Try to get all of the air out of the bag (not shown in the video); it makes transportation that much easier.
  3. Do not cover up the robot - some teams cover in cardboard to ‘protect the sharp edges’. If your robot has sharp edges, try to minimize them. If not able to minimize the edges, use pool noodles to protect the bag.
  4. Attach a copy of the CAW, Roster, Robot Lock-up form, etc protected by a sheet sleeve to the ID bag tie (tape the open end of the sheet sleeve so not to lose them). This will ensure that you have these documents available at registration at your event in case a mentor/member forgets them!
  5. Remove Batteries!
  6. Do not bag up bumpers!
  7. Remove all team members…

Don’t forget your 2018 Robot Lock-up form found here!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

I am curious as to your point 6. I understand that you are not required to bag the bumpers, and often said bumpers are not yet complete at bag&tag, but if they are, why not bag them?

The fewer bulky items that are in the bag, the easier it is to move the bagged robot around or into a car or something. It would be really unfortunate if you couldn’t fit the bag into your car or trailer because the bumpers were stuck at a bad angle or something. If they’re seprate, you don’t have to worry about it.

Wait, after 6 weeks of hard work, you’re saying we have to put this thing in a bag?


^Best Day In Build Season (Thanks 558 Students, you guys rock!!)

Note R17 allows you to use up to 3 separate bags for this reason. Bag your bumpers & they don’t count for withholding allowance.

…is there any reason you would want to willingly restrict yourself from accessing something when you’re not required to do so? I think this is a ‘why’ versus a ‘why not’ kind of question :stuck_out_tongue:

Do bumpers count as withholding allowance? I’m fairly certain that they don’t, being listed separately in R16:

R16. All ROBOT elements (including items intended for use during the competition in alternative
configurations of the ROBOT), with the exception of the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE per R22,
BUMPERS, and COTS items, must be bagged and sealed, by 04:59 UTC on Stop Build Day,
Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

Bumpers do not count against the withholding allowance.

This. I’ll add that it also helps for driver practice on the practice bot, especially if they’re able to practice with other teams or have a spare bot specifically dedicated to defense.

Here is the 2018 FRC Robot Lockup form.

So if I understand this correctly we do no need to bag our bumpers and can use them on our practice bot. Also the numbers do not count towards are 30lb withholding allowance. Thanks

Your understanding is correct.


Hi, while bagging our team broke the lowest numbered tag, so we started from the next numbered tag onwards. Does this have to be written in the Robot lockup form? I saved the broken tag just in case.