Balanced and shooting?

Has any team balanced on any of the three bridges and got a basket while balanced?

Yes. 2557 did it in match 65 from the coop bridge at the autodesk oregon regional.

Yes we have. But it was just a shot that bounced off the ground and went into the bottom basket. Nothing really amazing but as the shooter I was Extremely happy :smiley:

365 balanced on the co-op bridge at Lenape and made a shot in the high goal.

Robobees did it from the alliance bridge in DC.

Team 2073 was very close to making it at the Sacramento Regional. Hats off to the teams able to do this.

Team 103 made two shots in a row, in the top basket while balancing on the middle bridge with 1403 at the Mt. Olive district event.

More examples discussed here.

I know team 254 sort of does it in autonomous to get a large amount of points. But they don’t actually get on the bridge.