Ball carrying?

Is a robot allowed to carry more than one ball?

I don’t recall there being something in the rule book about a limit on the amount of balls a robot could carry. If there is one, shouldn’t be too hard to change strategy, it’s just having to get one ball at a time instead.

We actually didn’t consider there possibly being a rule against that either…
Right now, our arm can get 8 balls. :smiley: I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow.

It’s in the Vex forum so it must be about the Vex game. :slight_smile:

For the 2005-6 VEX game (Half-Pipe Hustle) you may carry, push, sweep, tow, etc… as many balls at a time as you’d like.

Good luck!

FVC Team #59

ANY question related to the VEX game (Half Pipe Hustle) that requires an official answer should probably be directed to the VEX Q&A forums HERE.

In an autonomous round you may start with one ball in/on your robot. That’s where the “1” comes from. However, during either type of round, pick up as manu as you want to. If you do have actual game questions, please use the Q&A as Stu points out.