Ball Compression

I know that the cargo has a diameter of 13 inches but i was wondering how much can you compress the cargo, my plan was to use wheels to hold the cargo but i am not sure how close together i can have them.

an inch or so seems to work ok.

But you’ll need to test it with your setup! they’re all different.

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hmm i know that most balls are different but i was hoping to get the shooter to grip to the balls no mater how deflated they are, like during competition when they’ll loose air from previous matches

when they get popped, they’ll be about 1/4" thick, or less. Good luck!

What I meant was that different intake systems work differently, so what I have in mind might not work the same as what you have in mind, and the compression number will be different.

Again, you’re going to have to experiment.

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118 rolled with 1.5in on their everybot. considering how much these balls have been popping, i would say that’s more than enough. The smallest a ball can be in 12.5 inches.

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Also remember that the balls are also not perfectly round. Depending on how the official measures it, the 12.5" might be in the longer dimension. I have seen some cargo that has a difference of over an inch between the two lengths. Keep that in mind or your wheels might not have the same contact that you would expect.

controlling this with a force (e.g. spring or pneumatics) rather than separation might be more effective at gripping balls of different inflation without breaking the larger ones.