Ball counts required for stages (was: I have a question)

do you need to score 49 points or balls to go to the next stage to use the wheel thanks

You need 29 to go to stage 3, 49 to complete stage 3

balls or points score by the balls? Thanks for answer

Balls, sorry

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To be clear

9 balls to complete stage 1

20 more balls (29 total) and spinning the wheel to complete stage 2

20 more balls (49 total) and aligning the wheel to complete stage 3

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I found some early footage for what the regionals will be like

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Also @wawa24 “I have a question” is most commonly not a good name for a topic. When making at topic try to more descriptive when making your title so people know what you are talking about and if they have the same question they can look to that you posted.

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If I were TL3 I would have edited it but I’m not

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Thanks for the info can i change the name of the topic

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@Billfred has got you! :slight_smile:

also thanks for the change bill fred :slight_smile:

can you still get normal points for doing the wheel without scoring the balls first

Nope! The wheel requires 29 balls to be relevant.

ok thanks

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