Ball Kicker

Hi All
Joe public here, Has any teem conceded using a kicker to kick ball from the opponents side of the field
Back in to your side when you are full load ???

Good Look to you all

I suspect that would be considered ‘controlling’ four balls.

Also, implementing a kicker for use only when you have three balls on board takes a fair bit of extra resource (design time, weight, physical space, etc.)

I do not think that many teams are going to use a kicker, but I would not be suprised if a team with a strong shooter will try to shoot from the other zone or tries to just eliminate the other alliances’s offensive strength. In other words a team with a strong offensive bot could also in this game be a strong defensive bot as well.

Hope everyone had a good build season and good luck at the competitions.


Robots may only actively control three Basketballs at any time.
Violation: Foul per extra Basketball

Moving or positioning a Basketball to gain advantage is considered actively controlling. Examples are “carrying” (holding Basketballs in the Robot), “herding” (intentionally pushing or impelling Basketballs to a desired location or direction) and “trapping” (pressing one or more Basketballs against a Court element in an attempt to shield them).

Also correct—no further support needed here.

Well spoted Duke461 I must get back to the rules.
Good luck to you all.