Ball leak/How to fix

Our ball has a small hole, and was wondering how fix/patch?
Any ideas or sugestions?

Would I get in trouble if I said “duct tape”?


Already tried and failed

You can try gaffers tape, that seems to have been a better fix than duct tape. If that doesn’t work you can try the “instant fix goo” made for bike tire flats, that may work for the few days we have left for build.

i hear tire patches work, but haven’t tried it personally yet

Try various tapes, eventually one will work.

The bladder is made out of pvc.
Use a patch kit for pvc.


I’m shocked, shocked, that anyone would suggest duct tape. :slight_smile:

I finally remembered to buy a roll yesterday!

Duct tape fixes everything–including concrete that goes in water. (True story.) If duct tape doesn’t work, Gorilla Tape might…

We met with great success regarding sealing the hole in our ball with a vinyl repair kit for an above ground pool. It can be purchased at a pool supplies store for about $4.00.
When I get to the shop this evening, I’ll try to track down the exact name of the product but this may be enough info to help you.

Much better than duct tape, trust me on this.


If the trackballs pop or leak this easily, how are they going to do at the regionals or nationals? Will they have a big enough supply.:confused:

They’ll have enough. You haven’t seen the masses of spare field elements they’ve been known to have. As an example: in 2003, we had plastic bins. There were at least two full pallets of bins at one end of Reliant Stadium, and someone was replacing bins every night. 2007, there were a lot of extra rings. 2006, spare Poof balls. You get the picture.

Hey did u try stuff called slime…it is used for car tire tubes…i dont know if it is the same concept…but it mite work…i hope i dont get in trouble for saying that.

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw how big the balls were: how they are going to store them/have them ready at the Championship. I can’t wait to find out, it’s going to be cool!

Buy a rubber patch. Lots of duct tape will work, too. Don’t make anymore holes.

My theory is if duck tape, band aids, and tylonl dont fix it… You have a serious problem!

The name of the product:
Vinyl Plastic Repair Kit
Boxer Adhesives
MFGD. by
Union Laboratories, Inc.
5600 N. Preston
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Cat. No. 557

Our sticker price was $2.99

The adhesive was placed over the hole and left to dry.
When it was dry, we then added the plastic patch as a secondary seal.
It shows waterbed mattresses, floaties, air mattresses, and beach balls as examples of what can be repaired.

Our ball…ah, popped. So we were refilling it, and planned to used duct tape or the like, when it…popped. Even more. So now our ball has a 4 ft. gash in it :frowning: