Ball not counting as auto

At great northern we shot 3 balls in auto, and one shot mas made it through the sensors after the 5 seconds for auto was up. So it was counted as a telephone shot, we lost the match by one point. Can we call for a replay?

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I doubt that they would replay the match but additionally, section 6.4A states that “assessment of CARGO scored in the HUB continues for up to 5 seconds after the ARENA timer
displays 0 following AUTO”. So if the cargo was counted as scored after 5 seconds past the end of the autonomous period, then it will be counted as being scored in teleop.


Unfortunately because of the way that the field is designed, some balls shot in auto just won’t count in auto. It’s always sad to see it happen, but the field isn’t working abnormally in those cases. Because of that, you can’t call for a replay due to field fault.


There’s also this text in 6.4.1 (emphasis added):

A CARGO is scored in an UPPER or LOWER HUB if it passes through the top horizontal opening of the UPPER or LOWER HUB and passes through the sensor array, and the points awarded for that CARGO are assigned based on when the CARGO passed through the sensor array.

When the cargo leaves your robot doesn’t matter, and when the cargo enters the Hub doesn’t matter. All that matters is when it goes through the sensor.

If it takes a long time rolling around in the Hub before it goes through the sensor, such that it’s no longer Auto (or Auto+5sec) at the time that it scores, then that’s really unfortunate but there’s no “Field Fault” of any sort happening.


This is on page 25:

“Generally, the agitator causes a single CARGO dropped into the UPPER HUB to reenter play in
approximately 7 seconds and a CARGO dropped in the LOWER HUB to reenter play in approximately 5

Doesnt really help your cause. I dont think you would win, but lets say it took 14 seconds to return the cargo, you might be able to argue a field fault.

I feel like this the weakest point of the game and they could have even used the extra year and a half to come up with a better agitator that didn’t cause cargo to stay in the hub for excessive periods of time. Although it seems like they might have tweaked the agitator settings a bit since Week 1 when I was counting some cargo that took a good 20 seconds to exit the upper hub.

If they specifically state an average cycle time, then why not use that instead of some random number like 5 seconds?? FIRST should be data driven… Better yet, why not engineer a faster, better method to account for cargo scored during a specific time?

I can say that we would have tied one of our semifinal matches (yes, we still would have lost b/c of tiebreaker rules) this past weekend because one of our red cargo that we shot exited at 130 seconds to go, so literally less than a second after it switched to teleop: Twitch

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