Ball out of Bounds Penalty

Say a team goes up to score at a goal but there kicker is powerful enough to go from one burm to another and kicks it into the goal and it bounces/flies out, would that be a ball out of bounds penalty?

If the ball does not leave the field, there is no penalty. If you’re near the goal kicking like that, there is a net next to the field to block missed shots into the field, as well as memory foam to dampen the impact.

If you miss once or twice while obviously kicking a goal, and it goes out, you probably won’t get any penalty (other than the standard ball-at-midfield return method delaying your next shot). If you do it repeatedly, expect the refs to pay special attention to you (penalty and yellow card for <G19>, and/or a possible <S01> for repeatedly endangering field personnel–<S01> carries a penalty, disablement, and a good chance of a trip back to inspection to correct the unsafe operation).

If you’re talking having it bounce out of the corral area, you may want to slow it down anyway–it may or may not fall into the category I outlined above, and you don’t want to run the risk of a delay-of-game penalty due to not being able to get to the ball fast enough.

To be on the safe side, have a “low-power” shooting mode for the near zone.

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