Ball Passing

:confused: Alright I just thought of this. What if one alliance member gathers more balls than the other alliance member and they need a way of getting the other member to shoot. Would it be allowed to pass the balls to the other member by tossing them so they get a chance to shoot and increase the number of points per play? :confused:

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But well, if I understand you right, are you referring to one human player passing the ball to the other human player of the alliance team?

Well…I do not think that is allowed, however, you should confirm it…

But if you really want to help in that situation, you could always make your robot get balls into their chute, so they can shoot!

i am pretty sure that you are allowed to do that since you are working with a team for that specific match… i might be wrong too… i would suggest checking the rules before taking any decisions…

yes… you are allowed to pass between human players=}{=

<G16> ROBOTS can only pass the SMALL balls into the Team Zone via the Ball Chute. Once balls have cleared
the Ball Corral, any team member may pass SMALL balls to either HUMAN PLAYER on their alliance.

Read the post below. It sounds more correct.

EDIT: While i’m at it and i’m not sure if this is true for Adobe Reader 5, but in version 6.0 you can search the document. This is very very handy and if version 5 doesn’t have this feature I suggest getting 6.

That, I believe, is referring to grabbing balls that went out of bounds (no good). However, in G16 it states that ANY team member may pass a ball to ANY human player on the alliance. Thus, the human players can pass balls back and forth, and the human player can only use balls in their zone.

The rules are not conflicting.