Ball placement in trench

Hi all,
The field drawings give specific information for the 3 balls before the wheel of fortune. However, I couldn’t anything about the two balls on the other side of the wheel of fortune. I was wondering if anyone has information on that, as it could be crucial during autonomous.

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We had the same challenge. You can determine the distance from the initiation line (pg 4 of the layout doc). Then, there is a position for the “inside ball” that is based on the far wall. AFAIK there is no position info for the “outside ball”.

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The manual in section 4.1.1.A.i says that the power cells are placed on the Trench Base Plates. The drawing for this part is GE-20123.

The part is 55.5 inches long and there are holes 18.5" from each edge. These holes are where the power cells will be placed by field reset.


Ahhh! Perfect! Thanks!