Ball Popping Issues?

Is anyone else having issues with their balls popping? We had one explode on a not sharp surface and are wondering if we got a faulty ball or if this is a bigger issue. The ball was blown up to about 12 inches only.

I’m not exactly sure on balls popping yet. However, we’ve tested running old robots over them (2016 - 2018), and they catch under bumpers and wheels very easily. Maybe 75% of the time at least. That would lead to them getting at least damaged.

We popped ours within 24 hours of inflating it. Did not take much.

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I was able to repair our popped ball by using a soldering iron to weld the tear back together. I did need to add some urethane belt material to give it enough material to hold together while inflated, there is a lot of stretch.

Ours is still good, though I was definitely a bit concerned when we finally filled it up to the correct diameter, it seems a bit on the tight side of things (I’d be curious to know what the actual manufacturers inflation specs of these balls are).

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No joke, I think I only filled ours up to about 9 or 10 inches diameter the first time, seemed firm enough… Then I checked it around the circumference and had one of those “You have got to be kidding me!” moments. I kept expecting it to pop.

We had one pop also. Fixed it with super glue and some tape

Maybe they thought of this…

Doesn’t mean that that ball will be used again. A lot of balls are going to die this year.

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Makes me wonder if we should be designing our ball-handling mechnanisms to be able to deal with balls of a wide variety of diameters. :thinking:

We inflated our to 10" first but after we realized it needed to be 13" i filled it up to 12". Even 1" smaller its very streatched. A few people are talking about over inflating it several cycles to streach it out an make it more pliable.


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Reminds me of Aerial Assist where we had the inflatable exercise balls. I knew we had to choose out balls for autonomous based on how inflated they were. There was some variance in how inflated the balls were, some their canvas covers were saggy and others were super tight, it just depended. I don’t think making sure the balls were all the same size was an important job for what field reset they had and I’m sure it won’t this year either so making sure your intake can handle different sized Cargo would definitely be good