Ball Position in Generator Switch

As I’ve watched a few of the ISR matches I’ve noticed inconsistency in how many balls are loaded on the generator switch at the beginning of the match. One match it looks like the pictures and descriptions in the manual, others I’ve seen having a extra 2 balls. Another had red alliance with 7 balls on the bar, while blue had 5. Is this a mistake on the field reset side? Or did I read the manual wrong?

Forty-eight (48) POWER CELLS are staged as follows:
A. five (5) POWER CELLS in each of the two (2) TRENCH RUNS
i. two (2) POWER CELLS are placed on each of the TRENCH baseplates further away
from the center of the FIELD.
ii. three (3) POWER CELLS are placed centered in the width of each TRENCH RUN,
spaced at 3-ft. (~91 cm) intervals. Small rings are used to keep them in place prior to the start of a match. Rings are 1⁄8 in. (~3 mm) thick, 13⁄4 in. (~4 cm) diameter O-rings (McMaster Item#: 9452K63). Rings are secured to the carpet by tape.
B. five (5) POWER CELLS placed on the BOUNDARIES inside each ALLIANCE’S RENDEZVOUS POINT as shown in Figure 4-2.
C. five (5) POWER CELLS on the racks in each ALLIANCE STATION’S LOADING BAY,
D. each of the three (3) teams may preload up to three (3) POWER CELLS in their ROBOT, such
that they are fully and solely supported by that ROBOT, and
E. remaining POWER CELLS (zero (0) to nine (9) per ALLIANCE, depending on decisions
made in D) in the holes on the BOUNDARIES in the corresponding ALLIANCE’S RENDEZVOUS POINT as shown in Figure 4-2.


If you choose not to preload balls, they get added to the area near the Generator Switch


Figure 4-2

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