Ball Randomizer T-shirts Available.

Who doesn’t love the Ball Randomizer! The most exciting part of any game in many years!

Show your love with your very own BALL RANDOMIZER T-SHIRT. All the cool kids will be rocking them in Atlanta! Dont get left out!

Get yours today at:


Wow…I can only imagine what we’d look like walking around Atlanta in those.

Then I imagine what people would say when they read them, and I get really scared.


I have to say I’m slightly disappointed. I was totally expecting an LED or OLED light up t-shirt that would, in fact, randomized lighted balls on the shirt.

Ahh, no Randomizer Randomizer OY OY OY shirts?

or Whammy No whammy No whammy STOP! lol

Midwest was the best. “It’s Tiiiiiiiiime to radomiiiiiiize”

I would buy half a dozen, plus buttons and stickers… If only I had some spare money.

Yeah. That would have been awesome to see our cheer on a t-shirt. ^_^. Is it still too late to order and have these in time for Atlanta?

i totally want one. though i would be extremely excited about it if they had a ‘randomizer randomizer oy oy oy’ shirt

I think we should make a shirt that says “Our balls got randomized in the worst kind of way.”


Thats preaty cool man lol iv used that site to make things and raise money for my schools marching band.