Ball Return Angles

Does anyone know the height of the ball return on both the alliance wall side and the tower side? Thanks.

On the alliance wall side, it’s about 2’ above the driver station wall (6.5’).

On the tower end, I’m not quite sure, but it looks like it’s maybe about 6" above the tower pipes (7’).

Where did you find those measurements? Was it in the manual or was it on some website? It would really help if you could tell me asap.

Go to the place you got the Manual. Under the Section 6 area is a link to the field drawings. You want the .zip of the Game Specific drawings; from there, you can figure out the dimensions yourself if you like. The drawings you want are probably between GE-10006 and GE-10023. (GE-10006 is the main support for the alliance station end.) GE-10021 is the full assembly.