Ball return feild drawings

Can any one tell me how to make a simple ball return? The field drawings I have found don’t give measurements for height of the ball return ramp. Making a trident looks simple and have the drawings for it.

The hardest part of the trident is geting it right while gluing it, the pipe glue bonds almost immediatly once the two pices of pipe are together, but it is not hard to make. I dont know about the ball return i want to make one to but havent look for info on it.

OK, I don’t know the exact height, but there is enough information in the field drawings to figure this out. The Tower is 7’ high; the Alliance station is 6.5’ high. If you’re building it, build the support pieces first, then do the tubing.

Thanks, I thought maybe I missed a drawing. I’m guessing the distance past the alliance wall would be the same as the side shield for the goal (47.5")

Our team is not building an exact replica of the field, with the alliance stations and everything. Does anyone have the dimensions from the bottom of the pipe to the floor at both ends of the ball return?

If we have these dimensions, we can make something that works, if anyone can supply them, please…

I’m sorry Eric, but there isn’t much information to get this very easily. We spent hours trying to get the exact dimensions and we built up our own ball return to what we figured and every ball bounced off the bar. It’s not as easy as you would think(hope)…